Featured Article/InterviewInterview at "Pain-Free for Life" Tele-Summit

David Weinstock spoke at online media event (tele-summit) held in San Diego, California in spring of 2016: “Pain-Free For Life – How to eliminate chronic pain without drugs, improve strength, flexibility and mobility”. The tele-summit featured 21 speakers around the topic of pain management and tried to raise awareness of the general public and the members of the pain community.

I am a dancer and began dancing again 6 weeks after giving birth. I wound up with plantar fasciitis and it was extremely painful. My left heel hurt with every step! After just one session with David Weinstock, my foot was 80% better. He gave me exercises to do which really speeded up the healing process. David has a gift for finding the root of the problem and resolving it.

Padma Gordon, Movement Instructor