Car Accident Injuries

Automobile accidents can cause a wide range of problems including whiplash and concussions.

In a whiplash the head snaps back tightening the “back” neck muscles, leaving the “front” neck muscles weak. Often people tell me they can’t lift their heads up off the pillow. The force of a whiplash can extend down through the whole spine, leaving one quite incapacitated. Jaw pain and headaches occur as a result of the head and neck snapping back. A concussion can happen just as a result of the head moving forcibly back and forth! NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system and cranial therapy are outstanding modalities in restoring function and health post auto accident. The “med-pay” on your auto insurance will cover treatment if prescribed by an M.D. or chiropractor.

I was in a terrible car crash and David Weinstock was recommended by my doctor to help put me back together. My neck, shoulder and lower back were all injured. Every session, I felt better and better until I realized I was whole again. He was able to bill my insurance which was very helpful.

Lea Walters, Facilitator for the AIM Program