Neck Pain

Neck pain stems from poor posture, whiplash, bad ergonomics and falls and blows to the head.

It can result in reduced and painful range of motion, inability to lift your head off the pillow, shooting pains in your shoulder, neck and head, and numbness and tingling in the arm and hand. People who sit at their desks looking down for too long will cause the muscles in the back of the neck to spasm. At the same time, the muscles in the front of the neck will weaken. Until those “front” neck muscles become functional again, the “back” neck muscles will remain tight and painful. The NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system protocol works brilliantly for this. If this doesn’t completely resolve the situation, sometimes a neck adjustment works wonders – see your chiropractor. If nerve pain persists, get an MRI. A neck traction device could be useful in this situation.

David Weinstock saved my neck, hands, and harp career. Over a period of 2 years I was diagnosed by 4 surgeons with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Two weeks before surgery I consulted David. His assessment was that my neck was causing the problem. I had an MRI and the results proved a misdiagnosis of carpal tunnel. Not only did David expose an inappropriate surgery but he also helped tremendously to solve the neck/hand issue. The neck traction device he suggested has really helped. David is extraordinary!

Janice Ortega, Professional Harpist