Client Testimonials

David Weinstock saved my neck, hands, and harp career. Over a period of 2 years I was diagnosed by 4 surgeons with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. Two weeks before surgery I consulted David. His assessment was that my neck was causing the problem. I had an MRI and the results proved a misdiagnosis of carpal tunnel. Not only did David expose an inappropriate surgery but he also helped tremendously to solve the neck/hand issue. The neck traction device he suggested has really helped. David is extraordinary!

Janice Ortega, Professional Harpist

David Weinstock has vast knowledge of the body, great hands, a wonderful sense of humor, and a compassionate heart. Over the years he has helped me enormously with sciatica and low back pain. He has treated everyone in my family. I knew from the first moment of our first session that he had a gift.

C.F., Mill Valley

I first came to David Weinstock with symptoms and worries about carpal tunnel. In three visits he resolved the problem and it hasn’t returned though I type hours everyday. Later I had a neck problem that he also fixed. David is the therapist you go to with a specific problem-he figures it out, resolves it, and teaches you how to keep it well.

Janet Bumpas, formerly World Bank now independent contractor

A customer sent me to David Weinstock, insisting I should see him before my scheduled surgery for carpal tunnel – one month away. After the first session I felt 80-90% better and was able to go back to work. After the second visit I felt 100% better and cancelled the surgery. I still do the exercises David recommended and I feel great.

Torbin Vining, Carpenter

David Weinstock is magic. When I first started with him I was used to living in pain and letting injuries go for months. As I got older, I realized my body could not heal itself like it used to. I am a competitive rower. My shoulder started really hurting and affecting my performance. David fixed it in one session. I have recommended him to most of my crew friends and now they swear by him too.

Cate Wallenfels, Marin Rowing Association

I experienced tendinitis in my elbow for five years. I saw an M.D., a chiropractor, a physical therapist, and an acupuncturist. I had four one hour appointments with David Weinstock and now I am back on my motorcycle, healthy and very happy again.

Tracy Snyder, Land Speed Record Holder

I was in a terrible car crash and David Weinstock was recommended by my doctor to help put me back together. My neck, shoulder and lower back were all injured. Every session, I felt better and better until I realized I was whole again. He was able to bill my insurance which was very helpful.

Lea Walters, Facilitator for the AIM Program

I am an elite 53 year old runner who races often and puts in a lot of weekly miles. I frequently have various running injuries, mostly in the lower back and legs. I have seen many medical professionals for solutions. What sets David Weinstock apart is his ability to assess what is causing the injury and giving me exercises to fix it. A good example is when I was diagnosed with a torn hamstring. David determined it was a weak hamstring, which I strengthened, and to everyone’s surprise I was back to racing a week later. David is fantastic at assessing and recommending treatment, and I usually only need to see him once to get the problem solved.

Brian Pilcher, 2009 Dipsea Champion

In 1996, I became one of David Weinstock clients who achieved permanent relief from knee pain. After injuring my knee, I met with San Francisco’s most reputable orthopedic knee specialist. His examination along with an x-ray and MRI found nothing. He then prescribed anti-inflammatories and physical therapy 3 times a week for six weeks. Unfortunately, neither one of them helped at all and after two months, I was beginning to feel discouraged and hopeless. One session with David changed my life. I was playing ultimate frisbee two weeks later.

David Priest, Hartford, CT

I am an East Coast skeptic with a 30 year career in recruiting healthcare providers. I went to see David Weinstock after 2 frustrating years of treatment with various medical professionals for knee pain. After 8 weeks I was able to walk longer distances and even play tennis and golf. Today, 2 years later, I am almost completely rehabilitated and rarely think about my knee. David is a caring, highly competent, no nonsense therapist. I would recommend him to anyone with an injury.

Ken Baker, Greenbrae

I am a dancer and began dancing again 6 weeks after giving birth. I wound up with plantar fasciitis and it was extremely painful. My left heel hurt with every step! After just one session with David Weinstock, my foot was 80% better. He gave me exercises to do which really speeded up the healing process. David has a gift for finding the root of the problem and resolving it.

Padma Gordon, Movement Instructor

I had TMJ pain for years. David Weinstock was recommended by professionals and other satisfied clients. In the first session, the tension in my jaw subsided along with my constant headache. He even taught me how to do my own intra-oral work. For anyone with a TMJ issue, I highly recommend David’s skill and expertise in this area.

C.M., Larkspur

I began seeing David Weinstock several months after a serious car accident in which I suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). I had cognitive impairment, memory loss, headaches, hearing and vision involvement and that was just the short list. After the first treatment, I left without a headache or pressure in my head that I had lived with for months. David is truly masterful at cranial therapy.

Sandra Hagood, Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist