The basic certification includes the 15 hour Level One Course in NeuroKinetic Therapy®corrective movement system. In addition the student must present three written case studies explaining how they used NKT® in their sessions and must either perform an NKT®session in person on an approved Certifier, or perform an NKT® session via Skype. You must practice for at least a month before doing Level 2 and Level 3. The cost of this half hour session is $70 but the price may vary depending on the country. This session is used to evaluate the proficiency and knowledge of the student.

When taking a Level 2 or 3 class, please be certified one month before the start of class if possible. We understand sometimes that is not possible.

The 15 hour Level Two Course, plus three case studies and a supervised NKT® session, advances the student to the next level of certification. 

The 15 hour Level Three Course, plus three case studies and a supervised NKT® session, advances the student to the next level of certification.

Certfication Deadlines: You have 6 months from the date of the class to get certified. If you certify within 9 months it cost an additional $50. If you certify within a year it cost an additional $100. If you cannot certify within a year you have to repeat the class. 

Maintaining Your Listing on the Directory: Your listing on the directory lasts 2 years unless you certify to a higher level within that time. Then it lasts 2 more years from that time, etc. You are responsible for knowing the expiration date. If you do not certify to a higher level or re-certify at your current level, your listing will be dropped from the directory.

Assisting: In order to assist you must be currently certified in that level or higher. If you are no longer certified you may not assist.

Receiving a Document of Certification: One will be emailed to you within a week of certifying. A hard copy is given out at the start of the next Level of NKT class the person attends. If you would like a hard copy of the certificate mailed to you, please email us your request and address. There is a mailing fee of $7.

Certification in NKT Yoga requires completion of an NKT Yoga weekend seminar.  The process is the same as each NKT level where you are asked to submit 3 case studies and pass a 30-minute practical exam.  In your case studies, along with mentioning how you applied  Therapy Localization (TL) and Directional Testing, please describe how you used corrective exercises to retrain the motor control center.  

Upon completing the NKT Yoga certification, you will be considered NKT Yoga certified as well as NKT level 1.  You may proceed to NKT level 2 from here. 

Sample case study

Please mention your use of Therapy Localization (TL) and the Directional Testing (or Relational Compensation) protocol to find the facilitated and inhibited muscles in your written case studies.

Patient presented with right sided Lower Back/SI Joint Pain. With the patient in a supine position, I had him arch his lower back and he had pain in his right SI region. He did not have pain when he flattened his lower back. I had him arch his lower back to initiate the NKT® protocol. Then I manual muscle tested his transversus abdominis (TVA) and it tested weak (Directional Testing not applicable because the SI joint is a ligament)). I therapy localized over the right SI region and when I retested his TVA, it got strong.  I performed an SI joint gapping maneuver on the right SI joint and then had him arch his lower back followed by re-testing his TVA. It stayed strong. I sent him home with a home SI gapping maneuver with his belt and taught him TVA exercises. I advised him to perform the gapping technique 20 times and perform 20-30 TVA exercise repetitions (2x/day).