Repetitive Strain

Many injuries fall under the umbrella of Repetitive Strain. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, elbow tendinitis, shoulder strain, and neck pain can all be included in this category.

They all share a foundation of muscle imbalance due to overuse and a resultant strain and inflammation to the involved tendons. NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system, with its focus on restoring balance and strength is the perfect modality for any of these situations. Computer professionals and enthusiasts have their own brand of Repetitive Strain. Due to bad ergonomics, problems such as neck pain and low back pain can result.

Staring down at a laptop will create neck pain, something I call “laptopitis”. This can be remedied by purchasing a laptop stand like the Allsop laptop stand and the feedback on them has been good. Overuse of the mouse (mouseitis) can result in shoulder, elbow, and wrist strain. Ergonomic mouses are widely available. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is not the only kind of overuse issue that can arise from overworking at the keyboard. Strains to the thumbs and other fingers also frequently occur and people are incorrectly told they have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. A good assessment using NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system is essential in resolving these cases.

I first came to David Weinstock with symptoms and worries about carpal tunnel. In three visits he resolved the problem and it hasn’t returned though I type hours everyday. Later I had a neck problem that he also fixed. David is the therapist you go to with a specific problem-he figures it out, resolves it, and teaches you how to keep it well.

Janet Bumpas, formerly World Bank now independent contractor