Low Back Pain

Low back pain originates from poor posture, bad ergonomics, obesity, lifting objects that are too heavy, and constipation.

Muscle tightness in the low back usually is a result of compensation for weak abdominal muscles. Sometimes the hips are a different height or they become twisted, both due to muscle imbalances. The psoas muscle plays a major role in these. NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system works great for this.

When pain spreads across the top of the buttocks and one feels like their back could break, this indicates a strain of the sacroiliac joint. Again NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system is essential. Sometimes support belts are necessary in the beginning of treatment. These can be easily purchased locally. Sciatica is a condition in which nerve pain is in the buttock or travels down the back or side of the leg. It can be caused by over tight deep gluteal muscles or a nerve impingement in the lumbar spine.

David Weinstock has vast knowledge of the body, great hands, a wonderful sense of humor, and a compassionate heart. Over the years he has helped me enormously with sciatica and low back pain. He has treated everyone in my family. I knew from the first moment of our first session that he had a gift.

C.F.- Mill Valley