Shoulder Injuries

There are many kinds of shoulder injuries. In a dislocation the ligaments get stretched out and the humerus comes out of the shoulder socket.

Strengthening of the shoulder muscles will help, but sometimes surgery is necessary. Rotator cuff injuries are all the rage. Many clients come having been told that they have one. Many times they do not. The most common rotator cuff injury is a tear in the supraspinatus tendon, also known as impingement syndrome. Often this can be helped with treatment and rehab exercises but sometimes requires surgery.

Frozen shoulder is a commonly used term. It can mean anything from no range of motion (surgery?) to reduced and painful range of motion. Often times the joint capsule is inflamed (adhesive capsulitis) and this can be resolved with treatment and rehab exercises. Bursitis is also a common shoulder problem. It is characterized by painful range of motion and pain when lying on that side. Sometimes treatment and exercise is effective and sometimes a cortisone shot is warranted. Your shoulder is also affected by poor biomechanics in tennis, golf, computer work, etc. NeuroKinetic Therapy® corrective movement system is very effective in these cases.

David Weinstock is magic. When I first started with him I was used to living in pain and letting injuries go for months. As I got older, I realized my body could not heal itself like it used to. I am a competitive rower. My shoulder started really hurting and affecting my performance. David fixed it in one session. I have recommended him to most of my crew friends and now they swear by him too.

Cate Wallenfels, Marin Rowing Association