for Chiropractors

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a powerful adjunct to your practice. NKT is both an assessment and treatment technique. NKT utilizes manual muscle testing to assess if a muscle is firing properly by itself or in coordination with other muscles.

The NKT protocol allows the practitioner to address the motor control center in the cerebellum which coordinates and stores all movement programs. When a muscle test fails the motor control center is opened to new learning.

The NKT protocol actually re-programs the dysfunctional routines stored in the motor control center. This allows you the practitioner to treat the cause of dysfunction instead of the symptoms. This use of manual muscle testing is combined with whatever release technique you already employ. The NKT protocol allows you to become a true somatic detective.

Neurokinetic Therapy was one of the missing links in my practice. After performing orthopedic and neurological exams, as well as movement screens, I could easily see what needed to be restored. However, I would get exhausted, attempting to work every muscle affecting an area to get clean screens and re-tests. With NKT, I was able to narrow down the key culprits in the movement pattern, thus increasing the speed and efficacy of my treatment time. NKT makes my job easier on my mind and body, and it allows me to fit more patients into a window of time.

Kathy Dooley, MS, DC, Adjunct Professor with Weill Cornell Medical College and Einstein College of Medicine