What Professionals Are Saying

Neurokinetic Therapy was one of the missing links in my practice. After performing orthopedic and neurological exams, as well as movement screens, I could easily see what needed to be restored. However, I would get exhausted, attempting to work every muscle affecting an area to get clean screens and re-tests. With NKT, I was able to narrow down the key culprits in the movement pattern, thus increasing the speed and efficacy of my treatment time. NKT makes my job easier on my mind and body, and it allows me to fit more patients into a window of time.

Kathy Dooley, MS, DC, Adjunct Professor with Weill Cornell Medical College and Einstein College of Medicine

NKT has been my missing link to patient care. I am physical therapist with 22 years of experience in manual therapy and have always searched for new ideas and techniques to help my patients.  My personal goal has always been to be in the top 5% of my field and be the  ‘go to person’.  I had the great fortune to come across NKT about one year ago and I could not be more excited. The best part about NKT is that it seamlessly fits into the techniques I am already  using. I am able to use NKT as a map to determine where to start treating and it enables me to look at the entire body as a functional unit. David’s passion for his work is contagious and has motivated me to continue learning and is bringing me closer to my goal.

Robert Shapiro, MA PT

NKT has revolutionized my practice. After 15 years as a personal trainer I have used a variety of corrective exercise strategies to help my clients. NKT is by far and away the most effective therapy I have ever seen. Using the NKT protocol I have been able to identify and reset dysfunctional muscle relationships and figure out issues that have plagued my clients for weeks, months and even years. My clients are blown away and my business is booming. NKT is a must for any trainer who wants to stay ahead of the game.

Andrew Reilly, BSc, CSCS, FMS

NKT has added an amazing dimension to my Pilates practice. After doing an initial posture assessment and discussing the clients physical state, I do a series of muscle tests to identify the specific weaker/overcompensating/turned off muscles.  This helps me figure out a proper exercise program for my client. Often the area with pain or weakness is NOT the “problem child” muscle group. If I did not have this spectacular tool to use I could easily be targeting the wrong muscles, prescribing inappropriate exercises, and thereby not being helpful to my clients well being or recovery.

June Kamerling – Pilates, personal trainer, massage therapist,  El Cerrito, CA

The Pilates and  trainers I see using NKT in their sessions are making a huge difference for their clients. I’ve seen their clients improve in areas that were previously “stuck” due to pain, tightness and/or weakness.  The method is easy to integrate into a  Pilates  session and clearly identifies which muscles are weak and those that are compensating. The beauty is that you can target the muscles that need to be released and then immediately strengthen the weak muscles while they’re most responsive to new information.

Jean Sullivan – Director A Body of Work Studios, San Francisco, CA

Having been an NKT practitioner for several years, I certainly appreciate what an effective technique it is to provide my clients with lasting relief from chronic injuries and pain. I just recently added Pilates to my “toolbox” because I know how very complementary NKT and Pilates are as ways to help someone break out of compensation patterns and inefficient movement patterns that cause discomfort and injuries. NKT provides a very systematic and detailed approach to assess and address those patterns, and Pilates is a most effective way to integrate the changes made with NKT. NKT and Pilates – a winning combination! And David Weinstock is a fabulous teacher making NKT accessible to movement therapists such as Pilates instructors.

Rosie Liebe

I began using NKT in my practice to be more effective in helping my clients with their aches and pains. I’d become frustrated with the limits of Pilates and having to refer out to massage therapists. NKT enables me to be immediately effective when a client comes in with a stiff neck, sore shoulder, pain in the knees, or similar complaints. Using NKT to clear up their issues at the beginning of the session enables them to get a more out of the workout. Therapeutic exercises are more effective and longer lasting. Clients are very appreciative to have their bodies feel free of pain and I am satisfied with the fast results and knowledge that my work is enhanced in its effectiveness..

Amie Miller – Pilates conditioning, San Francisco, CA

I’ve been a bodyworker for almost 20 years and 12 of those years I always felt there was something missing, for the results on my clients never lasted and would most always return. Ever since I started using NKT there was quite a radical change and it benefited my practice enormously.”

Thomas Attardi MA., NMT

My training in NKT has allowed me to recently become part of the team at a clinic in San Francisco that several times has won many awards including “Best Place to Rehab”,”Best Human Body Shop” and “Best Sports Massage”. Half of the staff has now begun NKT training with David Weinstock. As a Sports Injury Instructor I highly recommend NKT if your desire is to lead the field when it comes to resolving injuries and enhancing sports performance.

Robert Gazso

As a trainer, NKT has completely revolutionized the way I treat movement dysfunction. Especially in an industry where most clients aren’t interested in corrective exercise, NKT helps me get to the root of the problem and solve it as fast as possible. What’s most exciting for me is noticing faulty motor patterns visually and then immediately assessing the issue with NKT. Clients get up off the table and are able to perform movements they previously could not, access greater ranges of motion, and lock in better motor control. Without NKT, I’d still be wasting time guessing which corrective exercises would finally shake up my clients’ motor control center.

Matt Tolstoy NASM FMS NKT and Personal Trainer