Course Outlines

Courses consists of 2 day seminars, that are held throughout the year. You will learn the basics of motor control theory and the NeuroKinetic Therapy™ corrective movement system protocol.

Manual muscle testing will be demonstrated for each segment of the body. How to recognize compensation patterns, whether they are from reciprocal inhibition or a dysfunction in a kinetic chain, will comprise much of the classroom theory. There is also sufficient time for hands on practice.

Please note these course outlines are primarily to show the content included in the courses as well as approximate timing.  Please consult the Upcoming Seminars page to find out when your class starts.

The following course levels are offered:

Masters Classes – for NKT students only:

NeuroKinetic Therapy® Equine and Canine

NKT Mobility and Assessment – 2 Days

Manual Muscle Test Course