for Pilates Instructors

NeuroKinetic Therapy is a powerful adjunct to your Pilates practice. The NKT protocol allows you to assess dysfunctional movement patterns via manual muscle testing.

Weak and compensating muscles can easily be identified and integrated into the Pilates session. NKT allows you to more specifically tailor your sessions to your clients’ needs. NKT works with kinetic chains so that complex Pilates movements can be broken down and evaluated for dysfunction and compensation. You will find that NKT is complementary to your practice and will provide you a dynamic tool for your toolbox.

NKT has added an amazing dimension to my Pilates practice. After doing an initial posture assessment and discussing the clients physical state, I do a series of muscle tests to identify the specific weaker/overcompensating/turned off muscles. This helps me figure out a proper exercise program for my client. Often the area with pain or weakness is NOT the “problem child” muscle group. If I did not have this spectacular tool to use I could easily be targeting the wrong muscles, prescribing inappropriate exercises, and thereby not being helpful to my clients well being or recovery.

June Kamerling, Pilates, personal trainer, massage therapist